Modularized Frontend

Improve development, deployment and time to market with micro frontends


We see software architecture evolving every day. Today, it’s all about faster delivery & reliability. An improved offering with smarter & cost-effective features is what works best.

The backend and database layers have also evolved over time. But the last-mile delivery mechanism, i.e. the frontend, remained monolithic, which presented many development and maintenance challenges. It hindered the rapid delivery of new features and support to business goals. Such frontend has to be built, tested and deployed as an entire package, instead of just the updated bits, directly impacting customer confidence.

Micro frontends can address these challenges.


Parted by Design, Bound by Interface

Micro frontends extend the concept of Microservices to frontend development. Here, the monolithic UI is broken down into smaller, manageable apps/components based on their business context or functionality.

Micro frontends combined with microservices is the ideal scenario. However, it is not mandatory. A micro frontends design pattern can be adopted for any backend architecture such as SOA.


Micro Apps, Macro Benefits

We anticipate the size, number, and features of web applications to grow every minute. What will further complicate the situation is the wide array of technologies being used.Let us help you adopt and implement micro frontends- the right way to gain tech benefits.

Accelerated Frontend Deployment

Scalable Architecture

Shorter Testing Cycles

Increased Release Velocity

Reduced Cost, Failures And Rollbacks

Technology Agnostic

Micro Frontend Expertise

As part of our Application Modernization Services, we have developed and contributed micro frontends related plugins to the opensource community.

Single-spa backbone plugin

Micro frontend deployment with azure app service – Extension

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