Digital Analytics Services

Powerful insights into application utilization for enhanced customer engagement


Digital analytics is a crucial activity for your business as it directly relates to user journey their interactions, responses and more, conducted on your mobile/web application. Evolve and enhance user connect by analyzing qualitative and quantitative data collected from various touchpoints from your line of business applications.

Partner with Emtec Digital and our analytics experts will tag, track, assess and capture customer actions from sources like web, mobile, social, email, connected devices and more. We will assess and report user behaviour into actionable data points that will help you improve business offerings and customer experience.


This Is How We Create Success Stories

Our digital analytics services encompass web and mobile analytics to help you assess the current state of customer-facing apps and refine them for business growth. We mine tons of user interaction data and correlate them to bring meaningful insights that allow you to make informed and data-driven business decisions.


Technical strength of Emtec Digital

Collate siloed data to help make intelligent decisions

Create custom tags, triggers, reports on client-specific parameters to achieve marketing objectives

Gain in-depth customer insights about product/service preferences, offers, drop offs, bounce rates

Help product teams define new features, with smarter and actionable insights

Discover problem areas through event counts and user behavior to improve features

Improve cross-channel tracking with customized filters to facilitate real-time decision-making, and save man hours