Digital Analytics Helps Logistics Leader Gain Meaningful User Behavior Insights and Improve Customer Engagement


Logistics and Supply Chain


$1.2 Billion

The client is a leading North American logistics firm offering end-to-end supply chain and 3PL services to a global customer base. With a large chunk of business coming from the digital freight matching website, the client sought a detailed audit and upgrade program to garner useful insights that could enable them to enhance offerings and customer service levels.

It was decided to implement digital analytics to measure and analyze metrics related to user journey on the website.

Limited insights on user behavior hindered performance improvement efforts 

The client worked with an external agency in tandem with their in-house team to build and manage their website. The marketing tags installed on the website didn’t provide adequate insights on user behavior and browsing patterns. Frequent changes in UI upgrades and lack of custom reporting filters made it difficult for the client’s marketing team to measure and improve website performance. The website suffered from:

Increased manual interference in application performance report generation 

Lack of custom tags, triggers, and funnels

Lack of custom dimensions to fetch details from code

Reconfigured tags and triggers helped generate accurate custom reports 

Emtec Digital analysts reconfigured the tags and triggers and addressed dynamic changes in the website through custom funnels and filters. We then generated custom data reports based on user demographics and browsing preferences to extract actionable insights.

These detailed reports provided a better picture of user behavior and highlighted the action items for product teams to improve application performance. Our analyst team generated additional reports to analyze website drop offs and bounce rates, mitigating the usability challenges over time. With enhanced knowledge of the user journey on their website, the client gained maximum visibility into application performance without having to radically change any backend code.

Custom Reports with Digital Analytics


Referred by statistics for users navigating to the client’s website from different web domains  


Performance & Behavior Analytics Report – to determine how to improve the ordering experience   


Product Conversion Funnel Drop Off Report – to understand user activity and conversions, and to improve features and usability 

Demo Conversion Report – to provide insights on landing, scheduling and success rates on the Demo Conversion workflow on a daily basis 


Technical Benefits

Our digital analytics experts leveraged tools including Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Tag Manager, Optimize and Firebase to conduct an in-depth analysis of the client’s website. This assessment unlocked valuable insights on user behavior and helped the client optimize website performance accordingly.

Created, managed, and maintained Google Tags Manager and Google Analytics for production environment

Reorganized Google Analytics codes for custom dimensions

Created customized funnel drop off analysis for quote, booking and shipping CTA funnels

Business Impact

Improved cross-channel tracking and customized filters enabled the client to better understand the user journey and devise appropriate strategies for user retention on the website

Product teams were empowered with automated, faster, smarter, and more actionable insights

Better insights resulted in real-time, informed decision making to ensure superior customer satisfaction

Marketing teams could quickly discover problem areas through augmented custom reporting and enhance website features as required

Dependency on developers was reduced by 80%

Want to unlock actionable user insights from your website and mobile applications? Contact our digital analytics experts, today!

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