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Energy companies hold massive amounts of data, and suboptimal data arrangements can be disappointing — not to mention wasted resources and massive revenue loss for energy corporations. Read this case study to know how Emtec Digital helped an Energy organization with a modernized and automated Azure data factory. The solution enabled them get deep data insights and facilitate data sharing in real-time.

About the Customer

The client is a multinational energy supplier to various leading shipping corporations, airlines, and electricity companies. Over 80 airports, hundreds of storage terminals, and more than 3000 retail locations support their global network. All these operational data points help them capture enormous amounts of valuable data.

Business Need

Our client desired to use their existing enterprise data to power business growth. However, to achieve it, they needed to ensure coordination of data at local and global levels. Despite Azure Data Factory being already in use, it was not enough for their emerging business needs.

Also, having enormous amounts of data on hand did not help with the required data insights to make informed decisions and ensure business growth.

A modern data strategy was fundamental to fulfilling these ambitions.

The complexities of the existing process were inadequate to meet the client’s ambitions. For example, the time-consuming feature development and release process was acting as a barrier and there were few challenges, like:

Lack of DevOps

The client was facing challenges with the creation of multiple environments which affected product releases. Also, it impacted the speed and ability to innovate. Furthermore, the absence of DevOps resulted in decreased business growth.

Inability to Develop and Deliver Software Efficiently and Accurately

The traditional process for building software environments, fixing bugs, and changing code was time-consuming. It also hampered the team productivity. The client needed an automated process to create various software environments.

Issues Related to Code Promotion

The lack of a quick bug fixing process and workflow management meant multiple teams worked on several issues at the same time.

Lack of Quality Checks

Azure Notebook had no check-in policy and no trace of code being overwritten or updated by users.

Our Solution

While looking for a potential partner, the client reached out to Emtec Digital. After analyzing the existing setup, we concluded that a solution for all these challenges was a modernized and automated system for environmental provisioning and release.

In addition to the client’s existing Azure infrastructure, our experts suggested simplifying the use of Azure Data Factory in conjunction with the implementation of automated CI/CD pipelines in DevOps, supported by Emtec Digital’s own accelerators.

1. ADF Pipeline Automation and DevOps Governance

Organized ADF nearly 20 pipelines for Non-Production and Production environments

Collaboration using feature branching in ADF

Integrated ADF with Azure Git and Azure Pipelines services

DevOps governance using Approval Flow for code promotion to Production

2. Monitoring and Reporting

Integrated ADF reports for pipeline progress and troubleshooting

Dashboards for easy access to ADF activities and runs

3. Automated Environment Provisioning using ARM Template

No manual intervention and potential for errors by resources

Time and effort savings

4. Data Bricks Notebook Promotion

Continuous tracking of every check-in and check-out process for better traceability

Deployment of Notebooks in higher environments – Dev →UAT →Prod using CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps

5. Integration of existing PowerBI reports to analyze data from almost 10 enterprise apps including Salesforce, pipeline failures and monitor production ADF

6. Azure dashboard to visualize nearly 3 TB of data and generate analytics insights

7. Log Analytics to Log All Failures

Azure Data Analytics DevOps Architecture

Azure Data bricks code promotion and branching strategy

Azure databricks code promotion and branching strategy

Valuable Difference

Simplified Data Fetching: Getting data from different locations around the world was cumbersome. Emtec Digital created a world map dashboard that helps the client locate issue around the world. Earlier, they could daily solve 2-3 problems. Today, thanks to the new digital solution, they can easily solve 1100-1200 issues a day.

Automation: Earlier developers had to push everything manually – from staging to production, setting up to development, and production. Today, everything is automated.

Unique Differentiators

We isolated the entire process for developers, from pushing code to production, pushing the code to the repository, automating it, deploying it, refreshing the environment, etc. Now developers can focus on their work and provide more value.

Emtec Digital introduced an automated process for feature development to replace the earlier manual one.

Simplified troubleshooting.

Business Impact

Improved operational efficiency, accuracy, speed, and productivity with the implementation of DevOps

Rapid new feature development enables faster product releases and go-to-market initiatives

Minimal dependency on multiple teams with improved team coordination

One-click reports generated for global sites help with operational overview and time and effort savings

Enhanced business decision-making with speedy, timely, and accurate processing of organizational data

Technologies that saved the day

Azure Blob Storage

Want to accelerate the ROI on your organizational data with DataOps?

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