Leading Real Estate Portal becomes CCPA compliant with enterprise-wide data governance


Real Estate


$10 – $50 Billion

America’s leading real estate marketplace, along with its group companies, is a one-stop-shop for home buyers and sellers. Users leverage their portals to buy, sell, rent, mortgage properties, and connect with property dealers. They submit their details and preferences to get a variety of property options and decide accordingly. This detailed user data gets stored in the client’s data ecosystem and is used to gain actionable intelligence. However, a thorough standardization and sanitization was required to gain insights from the collected data. It was a challenge since they had data pouring in from diverse sources and multiple group companies.

In tandem, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was introduced to protect user data. To adhere to this act, a stipulated timeline was established. The non-compliance of this timeline could attract financial and legal penalties. The client was obligated to abide by these privacy regulations and provide a secure user experience. It meant only one thing- immediate upgrade of their data architecture.

Data Governance was need of the hour

The client’s real estate portals enabled more than 150 million unique users every month to find their new homes and home buyers. These users, coupled with the visitors, customers, dealers on their primary and group company portals generated mammoth data. It created challenges such as-

Scattered data among different data stores across their IT ecosystem

Included conventional, NoSQL, Data lake and data streaming platforms

Difficult to locate Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Personal Information (PI) across diverse data sources.

The need of the hour was an organization-wide data governance platform to achieve CCPA compliance.

The Big Picture: As-Is/ To-Be

As we scanned the client’s AWS Cloud-based landscape, we analyzed the various hybrid and cloud-native integrations. Because of disparate data storage location and humongous volume, the optimal solution was to build a unified data governance platform and data compliance service. These services would access each datastore to analyze data and make it CCPA compliant. The solution, once deployed, would enable the client to export and delete a user’s PI and PII within 30 days of receiving the request. The user can go to a cross-brand portal, authenticate across all client brands, and submit an export or delete request. This platform will validate the business relationship if any and execute export/delete requests accordingly. It will pass on the user request to all data agents. Each agent will perform the export/delete request and return the result through data compliance service to users.


Technical and Business Benefits Gained

Emtec Digital contributed to the client’s successful implementation of CCPA compliance across the organization.

Custom solution built consisting of three key areas i.e. data governance, data compliance service, and data workers.

On-time delivery of solution

The client gained quality checks, and smooth integration within the client ecosystem

The solution became the go-to monitoring platform to observe the system’s behavior, cost optimization and SLA analysis.

Data granularity helped the product teams to enable user friendly product enhancements.

Technologies that saved the day


The Client Gained Positive Impact

Timely processing of requests adhering to guidelines

Unified privacy service for company-wide data platforms

Simplified data governance for CCPA compliance

Fulfilling approximately 1000 export/delete requests per month

Ability to easily and quickly scan enterprise-wide data (hundreds of TBs) as and when needed

Improved data engineering and intelligent insights for product enhancements

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