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Legacy systems in the financial sector need to be improved to foster economic development and attain financial stability, as they slow down processes, reduce productivity, and increase technical debt. A secure and reliable financial software payment system is needed to reduce the cost of exchanging goods and services. Keep reading to learn how Emtec Digital leverages innovations in payment system technology to help companies improve business efficiency and stay competitive in today’s digital world.

About the Customer

Our client is a financial software leader with over 20 years of experience. The company connects and helps NGOs and not-for-profit organizations across the entire value chain with payment processing and deposit-related technology.

Business Need

As part of their overall digital transformation efforts, the client wanted to remove outdated hardware systems and implement digitization to make the payment process fast and smooth.

The client reached out to Emtec Digital for help with certain payment collection and processing challenges. Some of the significant challenges they faced were:

Limited access for branch managers due to hardware-dependent systems

Inability to track member status

Absence of a channel to accept/send money through checks

Lack of mobility in payment processing

Inability to track members’ pending dues

They wanted us to build a comprehensive mobile application compatible with every OS. The primary goal was to upgrade their existing payment processing system and tackle the complexities faced by their branches available in different locations. They expected this application to enable a smooth, anywhere, anytime payment process.

When Technology Meets Human Ingenuity

The team at Emtec Digital first focused on learning more about the organization's existing payment process and finding the right technology to develop it while leveraging existing backend systems. Our goal was to automate as many tasks as possible by leveraging digital technologies.

We successfully developed an app for iOS and Android built on the ReactNative Framework. The app was released with automated mobile image capture technology, instant check processing, and many more features –

Mobile Deposit
Member Payments
Donations and Campaigns
Multi-Device Compatibility
Data and Security

- Touchless payments through CHIP mode or by swiping the magnetic strip

- Seamless integration with member accounts through the app

- Easily set up new fundraising and donation campaigns through the mobile app

- The mobile application card reader supports Android and iOS devices and offers hassle-free Bluetooth connectivity

- Fully encrypted card data and secure transfer process between backend services and the application

- Input credit/debit card data manually to process the payment

- Quick payment processing for all types of expenditures at branch events

- Facility to track different fundraising campaigns

- All the transactions are highly secured with biometric features such as FaceID / TouchID

- Accept payment by capturing the check image and uploading it into the app

- The app doesn't store the user data on the device used for transactions

- Member organizations can set up access on the client's system and restrict users to use specific areas as per requirement.

- Facility to choose the preferred payment method while accepting the payment.

Unique Differentiators

With the new mobile app, the client can easily and securely accept payments, deposits, and donations from members and branches. The simplified nature of card and check payments has enabled the client to offer below benefits to their end clients at remote locations with technical benefits such as-

Remote Access: The app lets clients send or receive payments at remote locations

Member payments: Seamless integration with members' accounts allows easy payment of the outstanding balance

Donations: Empowering member organizations to accept donations for a noble cause through fundraising campaign

Mobile deposits: The app enables secure scanning and submission of deposits to the respective branch account

digital payment solutions architecture diagram

Business Impact

The mobile app helped members and branches in various ways:

In-Person Member Payments

The app enables branches to accept in-person member payments, collect donations, and submit mobile deposits.

It accepts MasterCard®, Visa®, Discover®, and AMEX® credit card transactions.

Integrated Solution

Reduced risk of tax penalties

Provision of meaningful data from client reports

Secure transfer of funds to a branch account in minutes

Well-managed Fundraising Campaigns

Create easily trackable campaigns for focused fundraising efforts

Accept payments, fees, donations, and deposits at the fundraising/charity event

Save time by paying directly (via multiple payment modes) at the event venue

Track nationwide branch transactions and membership status

Improved success rate for fundraising events and campaigns

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