How 3PLs Can Simplify Carrier Management through Technology Enablement

Carrier management is one of the most important processes in logistics, and 3PL organizations are constantly challenged with onboarding the right carriers and monitoring their performance. 3PLs also have a big responsibility in resolving the multiple issues faced by carriers, thereby bridging the gap between the shipper and the carrier to ensure smoother movement of freight.

In an insightful webinar hosted by Emtec Digital recently, all key aspects of carrier management including onboarding, bid management, performance management, and issue resolution were discussed at length. The presenters – industry stalwarts with a deep understanding of technology – cited personal anecdotes and real-life use cases to capture the nuances of carrier management in a compelling manner. The best part of the webinar – a lively audience that asked the most relevant questions!

Topics covered

Extended role of a 3PL in managing key shipper-carrier relationships

In-depth insights on how bid management works, and how 3PLs are leveraging advanced load boards for managing the freight lifecycle

Gamification and scorecards as key tools to evaluate carrier performance

Importance of close collaboration between key stakeholders to resolve critical issues in freight management



Larry Gordon

Managing Director 

GTM initiatives at Emtec


Mike Parker

Sr. Vice President of Industry,

Transportation at Emtec

Watch the webinar recording for more interesting insights!

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