HITRUST – A Practitioner's Perspective

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Do you know that HITRUST CSF is the most widely adopted framework for healthcare security in the US? How about understanding how HITRUST can reduce the risk of data breaches, ensure compliance, provide third-party risk management, and more? While discussing the positives of HITRUST, it is essential to debunk some myths about the certification being expensive or exhaustive. Learn how HITRUST CSF remains the undisputed provision in data security & privacy for your organization’s sensitive information today!

In an insightful webinar that revolves around HITRUST implementation, we discuss the game-changing abilities of HITRUST in HealthTech, in collaboration with our esteemed client DataMotion. Our speakers journey through the workflow of HITRUST implementation, share their personal insights into the roadblocks that appeared on the way, and how our team of experts addressed those challenges to achieve a seamless implementation.

Clue into some insights on how to build HITRUST apps, their enhanced usability to derive long-term business benefits, and how to turn these benefits into increased efficiencies and higher profitability for your organization.

Leading us into the intricacies of the HITRUST workflow are our industry experts.

Andrew McKenna

VP of Product, DataMotion

20 years of extensive experience in the software industry and Wall Street. Also, a youth wresting coach!

Sharing his insights on building HITRUST apps and their long-term business benefits. DataMotion Direct Secure Messaging and their secure email platform are HITRUST CSF® certified.

Larry Gordon

Managing Director, GTM, Emtec Digital

30 years of extensive experience in the software & IT services space around the creation and deployment of digital products. Also, an outdoor sports enthusiast!

Illustrating the enhanced usability of HITRUST apps in the real world.

Highlights of this hi-powered session include:

Build HITRUST apps for faster GTM!

Achieve cost-effectiveness while improving compliance, scalability, and enhanced user experience!

Debunking myths around HITRUST’s usability while gaining quality data security & privacy!

Discover the true potential of this framework in a stimulating conversation for your exclusive viewing!

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