Want to simplify HR tasks for your employees?

Employee Engagement Chatbot for simpler, faster & better HR operations

How about automating HR tasks for your employees? Yes, it can be achieved with HR chatbots. The daily activities like updating time sheets, submitting expenses, requesting vacation or leaves, accessing organizational policies, reviewing project dashboards and many others will be done in no time. What’s more, it integrates seamlessly with multiple HR Applications and enterprise systems at once.

Boost Productivity With Interactive And Smart Bots

Omni-channel employee experience

Seamless integration with enterprise systems

Elimination of digital silos

On-demand scalability

NPL-based conversations

Reduced workload on HR teams

Independent of HR interactions

Improved accuracy and speed

Emtec Digital AI Chatbot Expertise

Our experts leverage new age intelligent automation technologies to empower your HR teams with conversational bots. We design and deploy chatbots to enhance Employee Intranet Solutions for diverse industries and global clients. Using these solutions, employees can perform a myriad of HR tasks across multiple systems (HCM, ERP or CRM), numerous applications (MS Teams, Slack, Skype) and social media platforms (Facebook, Kik and Telegram). Our portfolio of custom chatbot services encompasses MS Bot Framework, Google DialogFlow, IBM Watson, Amazon Lex and others.

• Enterprise bots

• QnA/FAQ bots

• Rule-based bots

• Product Recommendation bots

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