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Jump-start accelerators and plugins providing unique and innovative solutions offering productivity gains for developers. These tools and libraries are developed and consumed by Emtec’s technology practitioners and also helping fellow community members accelerate their development cycles.

JMeter Test Explorer

Unique plugin to execute JMeter tests in Visual Studio

Assists developers to validate the changes and perform functional and performance testing within Visual Studio

Helps to analyze and measure application performance

Results displayed within Visual Studio

Improves developer productivity


SignalR Tester

A command line tool for SignalR Hub Testing

Test scenarios can be written using C# (which no other tool provides)

Supports both Asp.Net SignalR and Asp.Net Core SignalR

Performs Load density testing to analyze how an application responds under a high level of connection density

Can be used for Stress/Load testing

Default agent pre-installed to ramp up connections to Hub

Supports complex test cases involving operations like file handling, database interaction, or any custom .NET logic etc.


Single-Spa Backbone Plugin

Backbone plugin for single-spa framework

Extends single-spa framework to support micro-frontends written in Backbone

Plugin can be consumed as a standard NPM package

Plugin supports lifecycle events like bootstrap, mount and unmount

Supports Backbone applications loaded using RequireJS


Email Template Automation using UI Path & Razor Engine

Innovatively utilizes the capabilities of UiPath with Razor Engine

Easy and hassle-free process to send professional emails through bots

Can leverage all C# or .NET features

Utilizes data model object and CSHTML template with Razor syntax

Can be used outside of web applications to generate HTML (static or dynamic) emails


Micro Frontend deployment with Azure App Service

Partial Micro Frontend package deployment with Azure App Service

Azure App service is a scalable PaaS platform to deploy Web Apps

Default Azure Web App Deploy task deploys entire package, not partial deployments

Complete regression required to deploy entire package, causing additional efforts and delays

This Azure DevOps task allows deployment of partial or full packages

Supports auto-backup for version roll back

Allows easy deployment of individual applications to App Service

Download the free extension from Azure DevOps Marketplace.

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