High performance containers, without server or cluster management overheads

AWS Fargate

AWS Fargate is a compute engine. It eliminates the need to manage servers or clusters and enables you to run container services. Fargate manages the provision and management of virtual machines while allowing you to focus on creating tasks and running them.


Auto-scaling, with optimized costs

Scale application up and down

Auto scale your applications as needed- for more processing power or storage or increased workloads. For known peak times, schedule your resources optimally. Add and deploy new features, it’s that quick and easy.

Pay as you go model

Run varying number of tasks, with flexibility. With AWS Fargate, simply pay as, when and how you use resources. No upfront payments for your containers, their tasks, compute power and memory.

High Security

Keep and run applications in secure environments, while also giving provisions for securing user credentials, application access rights and other related sensitive data.

Our Fargate Expertise

Our architects have designed and implemented plans to migrate business-critical applications to Fargate for various clients.

Build applications using Fargate

Serverless infrastructure and elastic scalability for a modern and robust application

Leverage the performance of newly built cloud-native applications


Migration from EC2, ECS, EKS to Fargate

Convert and migrate on-premise monolithic services to Fargate

Rearchitect on-premise micro services to Fargate

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