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Powerful insights into application utilization for enhanced customer engagement

Studies suggest that nearly 50% of prospects drop during the final leg of a purchase. Website drop-offs are a grave concern for brands, and poor usability is one of the primary causes. Understanding user behavior analytics is critical to developing smooth user journeys and outstanding digital experiences that convert! At Emtec Digital, we uncover challenges and opportunities for improving and enhancing your web applications and customer experiences. Some of the tools we leverage include Hubspot, Marketo, Hotjar, Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Data Studio. If off-the-shelf tools don’t support your analytics requirements, you needn’t worry! Our delivery team can custom-build the right tools for you.

Our customer analytics engine facilitates real-time data capture for informed decision-making


Increase ROI from your marketing campaigns and ad spends with our advanced digital analytics services

Our services encompass web and mobile analytics to help you assess the current state of customer-facing apps and refine them for business growth. We mine tons of user interaction data and correlate them to bring meaningful insights that allow you to make informed and data-driven business decisions.

Increased productivity with higher efficiency and time savings

Enhanced user engagement with hyper-personalized digital experiences

Deeper insights into user-centric product features

Behavior and sentiment analysis for data-driven business decisions

Emtec Digital’s comprehensive application assessment process for deeper analytical insights


  • Path & Conversion analysis
  • A/B analysis
  • Existing customer behavior pattern analysis
  • Funnel analysis


  • Identify analytics tools & services
  • Define tags, KPIs & metrics
  • Define marketing tags
  • Define business/ conversion goals


  • Integrate tracking/ marketing/ re-marketing/ Adwords/ Heatmap code
  • Configure variables
  • Tagging design and implementation
  • Google Tag Manager account set-up
  • Define and create tags, trigger, variables
  • Debugging/ troubleshooting Google Tag Manager issues


  • Events data (link clicks & file downloads)
  • Form abandonment data
  • Page load times data
  • User analytics data
  • Heatmap tracking data
  • Pixels tracking data
  • Adwords data


  • Custom dimensions & metrics
  • Conversion rates
  • Capturing metrics like visitor profiles, unique visitors, return visitors, visits/ sessions details, product search, visits per session, page views, bounce rate


  • Custom dashboards & reports
  • Branded reports
  • Real-time reports
  • Historical reports
  • Channel reports
  • Event & pageview reports
  • High bounce rate & crash details reports


  • Traffic analysis
  • Path & conversion analysis
  • A/B multivariate test
  • Pattern recognition by analyzing raw web log data of visitors/ customers


  • Page response time
  • User experience
  • Refine tags and tracking
  • Customer journey destination

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