Digital Transformation Assessment Services

Accelerate your business with digital-first strategies

Digital transformation strategies call for phased, continuous improvements to systems and processes, and this can be achieved by incorporating the right technologies. Organizations need to keep pace with new technical innovations.

Experts at Emtec Digital help organizations accelerate process transformation, improve operational efficiency, and future-proof their position in the market.

Our assessment services help clients overcome commonly occurring roadblocks to innovation and transformation such as -


Our Digital Transformation Assessment Approach

Our digital transformation assessment services address the challenges noted above as ‘gaps’ in the initial discovery stage, then move on to establish goals, identifying strengths and opportunities to help organizations thrive. Following a phased process and avoiding a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, we adapt our digital strategies to the desired result to ensure success with the new processes, applications, solutions, and people in the digital transformation journey.


Digital Transformation Assessment Services

Readiness Assessment

Our readiness assessment analyzes the digital maturity of an organization by studying current technical investments, processes, systems, applications, and the overall business environment. We then provide the best technology recommendations via a detailed digital roadmap.

Data Infrastructure Planning

Data infrastructure is a crucial aspect of a digital transformation assessment and lays the foundation for better utilization of Data Science, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. We help organizations build advanced analytics engines that provide intelligent insights for maximized operational efficiency.

Data and Platform Architecture Evaluation

We evaluate new process areas and extension points using an assessment framework that identifies existing gaps and maps new scenarios between the as-is and to-be architectures. Multiple aspects of the new architecture including benefits, ease of use, adoption time, and business impact are validated.

AI Consulting

Our Artificial Intelligence consulting services help organizations uncover the true potential of historical data and leverage it to develop long-term growth strategies. We combine analytics and human intuition with intelligent algorithms to rethink business processes, systems, and applications. By automating archaic business practices, we help save time, cost, and effort on the path to digital innovation. With this enhanced operational efficiency, businesses thrive by delivering phenomenal digital experiences to employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

Business Impact With Emtec Digital

Digital transformation assessments help enterprises understand how new technologies can make a massive impact on their organizational systems and processes. We create digital success stories by identifying gaps in business processes, uncovering actionable data insights, and automating manual business activities. Our digital transformation assessment enables organizations to –

Generate actionable insights from historical data

Improve customer and employee experience

Enhance service management

Streamline data management and insight generation

Speed up enterprise automation and reinvent business models

Improve visibility over existing operations - budgets, targets, performance

Provide opportunities to envision long-term goals for both business and technology

Empower internal teams for technology acceleration, communication, and data-driven practices

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